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Katja Dance Company free open days

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

The new dance season is just around the corner and we are opening our doors to you again. We invite you to our free open days to get to know us and to let us inspire you to spend the year in our company.

Monday, September 4 at 18:00 - Endurance training

Tuesday, September 5, 17:30 - Jazz Fusion for adults

Tuesday, September 5 19:00 - Solo Salsa and Bachata for women

Wednesday. September 6 at 18:00 - Dance hour for women

Thursday, September 7 at 17:30 - Repertoire of Katja Vidmar

Friday, September 8 at 17:00 - Guided improvisation for adults

Friday, September 8 at 19:00 - Social and wedding dances

Sunday, September 10 at 18:00 - Ballet for students and adults

041 649 599 Letališka cesta 27a, Ljubljana

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