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with Neža Banovec - contemporary dance

Sometimes we simply need a space and a moment when we can be who we are and not worry about appearance and knowledge. We will discover our expressive abilities through dance, various tasks and guided improvisation. We will transform our own creativity into movement and create magical moments together. We will question: What is the difference between creating and performing movements? What makes us performers and what makes us artists? How can we move freely but continue to challenge ourselves?

Class structure:

- warm up

- various tasks (guided improvisation)

- cool down

When: TBD (60 min)

Where: Katja Dance Company, Letališka cesta 27, Ljubljana (oposite to MOL petrol station). Entrance from the back of the building. 


Our air-conditioned dance studio is equipped with a ballet marley floor, ballet poles, a social area, a large wardrobe, showers and top-quality sound systems. It is located near the BTC shopping center and only 500 meters from the ring road. In front of the studio there are free parking spaces and a bus stop for lines 7L and 27.​

Note: The program will be held upon sufficient number of dancers.

Information: or by phone 041 649 599.



Dancer, choreographer and trainer

I'm Neža, a 23-year-old dancer. I acquired my dance skills years ago at the Wolfy dance club with Damjan Gorjup and at KGBL with Jana Kovač Valdes and Sabina Schwenner. Later, I transferred to the ballet department and finished my education at Poljane Gymnasium and Secondary Ballet School. My professor was Marinka Ribič. In addition to gaining knowledge at the ballet school, I also danced with Kjara Starič Wurst and mastered modern dance techniques. After finishing ballet school, I went to the renowned Iwanson dance academy in Munich, where I acquired a wide range of knowledge in various modern dance techniques, improvisation and choreography. Last year, I became a dancer in the junior company Elephant in the black box under the direction of Anton Valdbauer and Jean Philippe Dury. I was also the holder of a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture for specialized professions in culture abroad. Since I have always been interested in teaching, this year I returned to Slovenia, where I will upgrade my knowledge from a pedagogical point of view at the University of Ljubljana, and at the same time teach and share knowledge in the Katja Dance Company dance studio.

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