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We received: dr. Tanja Hojs-Fabjan

In my professional career, I have been meeting patients with multiple sclerosis for years, a disease that is also called the disease of a thousand faces due to its different course. In all the years of my work in this field, there has been an unsuspected development both in the area of ​​diagnostics and treatment. Despite this, we still do not have a drug to cure the disease.

At the beginning of June, I was invited to the multimedia dance performance Zakaj jaz. In the show, we walk through snippets of Tadeja Polanšček's life and her experience of illness. In the introduction, we are faced with getting to know her new companion. We place a heavy burden on patients in the beginning when we introduce them to a disease that has good days and bad days. Unfortunately, the disease mainly affects young people, who are full of creative spirit and various desires. They have to adjust their lives to their new companions. The family is also involved in all of this.

Her struggle with illness, her desire to create a family, maintain good partner relationships and take care of raising her children are very well portrayed in the play. She succeeded in all this and thrives in a warm family environment, even though the disease has severely affected her functionally. All members of the family are heroes who are closely related to the mother, the wife, her illness and radiate a warm attitude towards accepting differences. Even Tadeja, despite the illness, radiates energy and strives forward with new ideas and storms through life as solid as a rock in the eternally restless waves of multiple sclerosis.

The show is moving, it perfectly makes us aware of the difference and adaptability of the patient and the family. Above all, it reminds us of the fact that it is possible to live in a different way and that moments of small joys are important in life.

Good luck on your journey and many more creative successes.



prof. dr. Tanja Hojs Fabjan, dr. med.

University Medical Centre Maribor | UKC · Department of Neurology

Prof, PhD, MD

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