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In Celje, the first "mini-tour" of the play Why me finished before the autumn continuation

The Hall of the National House of Celje hosted the third performance of the charity dance theater performance Why Me?

After two performances, we finally got to know what the show is and how the audience percieves it. That's why we went more relaxed. Celje awaited us on a sunny Saturday afternoon and technician Matjaž welcomed us in the hall. We set up a kind of standard work procedure and everything went as it should.

The specifics of every art, and this certainly applies to dance, is the environment of the performance. The size of the dance stage, passages and entrances to the stage, space for props and available stage equipment are the specifics of each venue. But somehow this gives an additional charm and challenge in the preparation phase. After the rehearsal, we confirmed that the evening performance would be something special for the Celje audience, and we were looking forward to a magical meeting with the audience. Among the guests, we were once again honored with a visit from Barbra Drnač, a top independent creator in the field of choreography and pedagogy of contemporary dance and dance theater, as well as the recipient of the Celje star award for achievements in the field of culture, Goga Stefanovič Erjavec, accompanied by her daughter Gea. Deputy mayor Samo Seničar came as a representative of the municipality, and we also had Dušan Berce with his parents and the unique Lucija Berce, who is responsible for staging the play in Celje. The doctor of the central character, Tadeja Polanšček, prof. dr. Tanja Hojs Fabjan, Ph.D. med., specialist neurologist, head of the Clinic for Neurology at UKC Maribor, who in her scientific and medical career focused especially on multiple sclerosis, a disease of many faces.

The special charm of the evening was certainly added by the excellent coordinator Mojca Krajnc, to whom we would like to thank her for her cooperation.

After the address of the president of the Let's Get to Know Multiple Sclerosis association and the speech of our honorary patron, Mrs. Vlasta Nussdorfer, the story of Tadeja, her companion with multiple sclerosis, found its way to the hearts of the audience through the dance of the author of the show Katja Vidmar and fellow dancers Sara Brvčak and Petr Capudra on the stage of the National House. A moment for reflection, for self-awareness, for clear thoughts and gratitude for those tiny bright and positive moments that enrich life, unfolded with the help of the play in this hall.

We continue our Slovenian tour again in the fall, this time in Ormož. Follow us on our journey, visit one of the performances, and we will also be happy to invite you to your place. There are approximately 3,500 multiple sclerosis patients living in Slovenia, and we would like to reach and connect all of you in this very special artistic charity note.

We promise to be back soon!

The exceptional photographer Andraž Purg gave us a one-off photo gallery: