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Announcement on the web portal Parada plesa - Prima ballerina of Rijeka HNK María Matarranz de las Heras in Katja Dance Company!

Barbra Drnač, Ljubljana, Maribor

Last Sunday was marked by superb dancing. In the premises of Katja Dance Company, two dance workshops were held under the direction of the Spanish ballet champion, María Matarranz de las Heras.

Katja Vidmar and Albert Podrekar is a duo that successfully runs the Katja Dance Company. Their energy, which they spread through the group, is boundless, and the production does not only include dance performances, but they also strive for education. And not only their dancers, they open the door to all actors who want to dance. So, last Sunday, in their premises at the Letališka in Ljubljana, they hosted the champion of HNK Ivan pl. Hare from the River, Spanish, María Matarranz de las Heras.

Otherwise, the Katja Dance Company team is in full swing and creating a new theatrical dance performance "Why me", which will premiere on Friday, May 25, 2024 at 8 p.m. in the Park Theater in Murska Sobota, where the central character of the play, Tadeja, comes from. Polanšček. Katja will also be a guest of the Parada plesa show on Sunday, May 5 at 6:45 p.m. on TV3.

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