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The Ring: Jealeus - cover by Matej Šarf & Katja Vidmar

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Dobrodošli v "krog", v "The Ring", v naš novi skromni projekt, kjer bomo redno plesali, ustvarjali in živeli naše in vaše delo.

Nocoj predstavljamo prvenec novega načina ustvarjanja. Moči sta nek februarski večer v improvizaciji združila Matej Šarf in Katja Vidmar. Pesem in ples. Glas in gibanje. Cover pesmi Jealeus pevca Labrinth. Kaj je nastalo? Oglejte si in nas spremljajte tudi naprej, saj bomo z ustvarjanjem v krogu nadaljevali. Vas zanima sodelovanje? Bi želeli nastopiti tudi vi? Javite se nam!

Jealous cover by Matej & Katja Vocal and guitar - Matej Šarf Dancer - Katja Vidmar

Recorded and produced in March 2021 @ Katja Dance Company Original official music - ”Jealous” by Labrinth This video has been recorded in our new endeavour "The Ring" - a simple round ring representing a simple stage of performing simple true feelings. Interested in performing in the ring? Join us. Reach out to us -

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Katja Dance Company has been established in Jan 2017 with the intention to enable the dancing platform and infrastructure to young promising dancers who would live their dance life on stage rather than compete. KDC devotes our performances to humanitarian causes and reflects critical areas of life (cancer, ecology, immigration ...). Both of the companies work (Life is a value and Project X) have been built in a way to financially help organisations as Little Knight (foundation providing help to young cancer treated patients), Europa Donna (breast cancer org.), Association of friends of youth (helping families in need), Firefly (cancer org.) The founder of the company is Mrs. Katja Vidmar, dancer, choreographer, author and teacher working in the dance industry since 1990. We strive for and interchangeable cooperation with European dance platforms, to enable an exchange of knowledge, opportunities and collaboration in artistic pieces. We have established KDC with 3 main pillars of our work 1 - provide a dance infrastructure to young dancers, 2 - use art as a messaging media to touch areas of life which should be called out, 3 - help with art events and performances to humanitarian causes. We always look for ways, how to collaborate with different artists in our ideas, find opportunities how to find places to perform and donate, use technology as a messaging media or supporter to our dance acts, etc.

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