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Recenzija avstrijske koreografinje Klaudie Ahrer o predstavi Knjiga

Bleiburg, 28.11.2022 by Klaudia Ahrer

Katja Vidmar speaks, her voice is pleasantly warm and passionate. Unfortunately I don't understand what she says, but the pictures tell about books, possibly about her love of reading.

The dance scene begins with touching music. The femininity of women is coming Into a highlight. Her moves are soft, sexy, and strong. The atmospheric light underlines the sensual power of women.

The dance choreographies are accompanied by impressive videos by Albert Podrekar on the big screen in the background. They change from book to book. Pictures with their stories, told by the choreographer and dancer Katja herself, or accompanied by a male voice. For me, they are memorial walks. A visit to a coffee house. Nostalgic. Dreamy. An open book, the pages turned by the wind. Joy of the sun and charm of wings widen the space.

Katja succeeds in a mixture of eroticism and playfulness. Her delicate, feminine nature and their clear lines with resolute firmness reveal fine details. Her power and love for dance emerges immensely.

Careful attention is paid to the costumes. It's a casual style that will turn into expressing femininity in all its different facets.

Her alternation of steadfastly energetic and softly falling movements keeps the enduring performance to the last in momentum. The dramaturgical sequence with the sensitive and stable orientation shows a lively child-woman full of joy and heart, as well as the graceful, confident adult in all her commitment, in her stage fire.

Colorful, blazing, jagged, matric. Flowing, natural, herbal. All is included and provides surprises.

Her sense of flow and tempo, her versatility, the implementation of her choreographic ideas she develops for her team and the solos she creates, especially where she created it for the young women, are stunning. The dance full of momentum, spirals and light-footed jumps, extremely smooth, fascinated me. It is clear that these danced floods require intensive training and physical implementation skills.

Pure precision and joy of experience in Katja's universal book world.

Klaudia Ahrer (Dance, Performer, Choreographer. Training as an integrative dance teacher and qualified life and social worker, Mentor. Dance areas - Ballett, Acrobatics, Oriental, Afro, Contact, HipHop, Butoh and Feldenkrais. Klagenfurt, Austria)

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