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It's time for a break, for a breath of new energy and joy at the imminent continuation

Congratulations on the end of another dance season. We experienced a lot, saw and felt a lot of

Katja Vidmar

beautiful things and met new friends with whom we bravely walk our dance path.

Thank you to all our colleagues, all the trainees, everyone who helped us this season and stood by us and cooperated with us so that we could realize our love for dance and creativity.

Congratulations to all the lovers who danced their wedding dance that was born in our studio at their weddings, congratulations dear Izabela, because you are the first little dancer who managed to be admited to the Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and Ballet after all these years of working with us.

Join us, visit our shows, dance with us at our rehearsals, invite us to your events to dance with you.

We promise to do our best!

Katja Dance Company team

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