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In our "living" room

We finally got it! Our home performance of the new dancing fairy tale for children "Think of Us"! Practically in our "living" room, since we spend so much time here. We have been creating here for the fifth year now.

Yes, our ballroom can be enchanted. So that it becomes a real little theater. It has almost everything her big sisters have and she shone in all her glory on Saturday morning.

The day started at 7 o'clock, when we finished the last details of the previous evening, our dancers slowly arrived in the dressing room, which became a make-up room, and the sun gently caressed the studio.

And soon the first guests started arriving. We were very happy that our dancers from other dance performances from our treasury of dance also visited us. A very special favor and a sign of friendship that was woven between us. Of course, also with a youngster.

Heartfelt thanks to all the visitors who honored us with their visit to the show. Together we put a smile on the children's faces and the day was fun and beautiful.

Our fairy tale moves on to Jesenice, where you can visit us on October 8, at 10 a.m., in the Tone Čufarja theater. Kindly invited. With your visit, you will help buy food for the abandoned animals of the Gmajnica Shelter!

And a few more glimpses of Saturday:

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