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With dance, we again donated food for abandoned animals

Welcome to the year 2024. May it be healthy, happy, successful and full of dancing.

We are happy that even in our 8 years of operation, we can fulfill the founding fundamental pillars of Katja Dance Company's operation:

  • that with the art of dance, we draw attention to everyday points in life that significantly affect our lives and the environment;

  • that it provides a dance infrastructure for artists who want to live their dance art on stage, while at the same time giving the stage and the audience quality content;

  • to allocate funds from dance performances for humanitarian purposes.

And so last night we visited the Shelter for Abandoned Small Animals in Ljubljana again and gifted them with food for little heroes. The donation is again the result of the dance children's fairy tale Think of Us!, which we will continue to perform in 2024 (soon in Laško and Ljubljana).

We would like to thank all the organizers, and especially the dance team, who fulfilled our commitment with their love for dance and social engagement (Sara Brčvak, Iva Šantek, Špela Dolinar, Sara Bračun Duhovnik, Peter Capuder and Katja Vidmar).

You too can become active in many ways. If you are a dancer, you can join us, otherwise of course you can invite us to your event or we can organize it together. We perform in theaters, cultural centers, as well as in schools and kindergartens.

If your heels itch, join us at our dance classes in our studio at Letališka cesta 27, where we can currently offer you:

  • every Monday at 18:00 - Endurance training;

  • every Tuesday at 17:30 - Jazz Fusion for adults;

  • every Wednesday at 18:00 - Dance room for women;

  • every Sunday at 18:00 - Ballet for students and adults.

We wish you a great year!

The KDC team

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