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Around 600 children at this year's first performance of the dance fairy tale Think of us!

Laško, 28th March 2024

The hall of the Laško cultural center hosted as many as three performances of our dance fairy tale for children on Thursday. Thus, around 600 children saw the show, to whom we conveyed our message about the harmfulness of pyrotechnics, which frighten animals.

KC Laško recovered after the catastrophic floods last August. We feel special respect for the employees of this cultural center, as they are one of those special people who care and are aware of their mission of facilitating cultural events and education for young and old. Most of the center was under water. The water reached up to 6th row of seats, the basement was completely flooded. But the employees did their best to save the center and open the doors to culture.

We always look forward to performances, especially among people who are happy for us and with whom we create different things together. Thus, the forest animals in the dance composition of Sara Brčvak, Sara Bračun Duhovnik, Špela Dolinar, Peter Capuder and Katja Vidmar took the children to an imaginary world, where things got very complicated, and of course also unraveled and put them in their place. In the technical room, Albert and Blaž took care of the sound and lights, and the friendly Špela in the hall made sure that the spectators got to their seats on time and that the performances started on time according to the schedule.

We are happy to have performed in this beautiful theater and we sincerely hope that the children will remember our messages when they encounter pyrotechnics themselves and not use them. Thanks also to the teachers for bringing the children to the theater.

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