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A fairy tale for children of the Red Cross

The second staging of our mini-tour is also behind us. This time for the children of Ljubljana primary schools under the auspices of the Red Cross, represented by the friendly Tjaša.

The children were slowly gathering in the hall of the Ljubljana Secondary School of Health, small groups, one larger, another valid and a few smaller ones. The children's eyes wandered to the scene, and to the presents stacked next to the Christmas tree, which were waiting for their new owners. Every time our technician went down the hall, the sound got less and less - it was about to start now. But we just had to wait until all the children were gathered.

And we made it. A bunny, a kitten, a puppy and a doggy walked up the stairs in front of the children and danced our story for them as far as their paws could carry them.

Laughter, concern, and above all the message of the play, which was also received by the teachers - "no firecrackers!" reached the right ears and the majority completely agreed with what was communicated. That's why we hope that, thanks to us, there will be some firecrackers and a little less bang for this year's holidays.

Of course, Santa Claus also came. He was panting up the stairs and happily waved to the children who finally met him. Some doubted the reality of the good man, but we quickly nipped all doubts in the bud, and the joy with the gift bag in our hands was unique. At least for those few moments before reality caught us again.

We said our goodbyes, cleaned up and tomorrow we have a great day in Žužemberk.

We wish you a nice day.

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