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We read the last Book of the year

On Tuesday, December 19, Nova Gorica hosted the last Book of the year. We performed it in front of about 250 spectators, who rewarded the dancers with applause, and we also noticed tears in their eyes and excitement. We are very happy to have touched the audience and look to the future.

The Book was performed for the tenth time in the cast of Katja Vidmar, Sara Brčvak, Iva Šantek, Ana Mužič and Kristi Kruusmaa, and master Nik Keber took care of the lights and sound.

We always like to return to Nova Gorica and we are sure that we will visit this beautiful cultural environment in 2024 as well. We would like to thank you for your kindness and professional support, so that we could carry out the performance in all its breadth, scope and beauty.

Gallery of the day (Albert Podrekar):

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