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This time we dance for kittens

Ljubljana, Bled, 30. August 2023

We are back with the dance fairy tale Think of us! (this time in Bled) helped and bought cat food and took it to the Shelter for Abandoned Small Animals in Ljubljana. We took a few more blankets and pillows for the cold days. Such days are beautiful despite the rain. We invite you to look at home, if you have any extra blankets, you can also buy food for dogs or cats and bring it on September 9, when we will dance a fairy tale at 11 am in our hall in Ljubljana. On their website you can see kittens and puppies that are looking for a new warm friendly home :). ❤️🐈‍⬛🐶🐱

We would like to thank the company Promotiva, which organized our performance, Bled and the people of Bled for hosting us, and all our friends who visit us at our performances and thereby do something good.

We, on the other hand, live up to our motto - CARE TO DANCE - DANCE TO CARE.

And nothing else.

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