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The book and the "Martin" festivity

On Saturday, November 11, we danced the performance The Book in the Cultural center Krško. We were surprised when we entered the theater because it is really extremely beautiful, renovated, big, their lightning was enchanting such an atmosphere, as if you were really on the lawn and in the library... the credit goes to them too - to the technician and our stage light designer Nik Kebr. The theater accommodates many spectators, has a large stage and excellent sound system. This time the show was performed by four dancers and we really enjoyed the space at stage and behind it. Despite the fact that there were not many spectators, we chatted with those who came and everyone it was a pity that they were gone, because the show was praised. We adhere to the principle that everyone is a spectator important and if he buys a ticket, he deserves respect, so we danced "to the max", as they say in dance jargon.

After the performance, our producer took us to Martin's feast, where we socialized in a relaxed way, because we usually don't have time for that. And that's how The Book and the Martin feast got its own story and place, so thank you Krška for hosting us, we will be happy to come again sometime - with a dance fairy tale or another of our dance performances.

Photo gallery of the evening (Albert Podrekar):

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