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On Saturday, a children's dance fairy tale in Izola

On Saturday, November 25, we are going to the Slovenian coast again. More precisely, in the Cultural Center of Izola, where at 5 p.m. we will perform our children's dance fairy tale Hug the Tree!, which will now be performed for the 27th time.

We are immensely looking forward to performing in front of children's audiences, who always make us laugh and give us wings to continue creating.

And we certainly live in a world where many people need help. If we help, we enrich ourselves and make new friends. Cooperation and compassion show that we care about others. Thus, with our performances, we also help those in need - with this fairy tale to the association Heroes of the 3rd floor.

A hedgehog, an ant, a bee and a firefly live in the forest on the edge of the city. They cook, play, build together. Sometimes they run into problems, but they are easily solved, because the rule applies - we don't let anyone down!

You are invited to Izola, spend a beautiful day on the coast and enrich it by watching our children's show in the Izola cultural temple!

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