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Now we know - we have something special

Last Friday, the show Why Me took place on the stage of the Spanish Fighters Culture Center.

Already arriving in the hall, despite the rainy weather, put a smile on our faces. The "Broadway retro" inscription May 31 - Katja Dance Company - Why me, could be seen above the entrance to Spanske Borce.

Let us trust you that we somehow feel this stage as "our home". This time we performed on this stage already 16 times. Familiar faces, knowing that we are in good hands and the incredible experience of last week filled our team with optimism that we will also leave a strong impression in Ljubljana and succeed in delivering Tadeja's story to the capital.

Of course, it was clear to us that with all the offers in Ljubljana, it would be difficult to sell out the show. Probably the eternal question of all creators. We reached out with our messages, we addressed the public and aroused their interest, have we managed to convince them to trust us with their time and attention, will we be able to cover the costs of the staging and fulfill the promise made, to financially support the Let's Know Multiple Sclerosis association? Many questions, but deep down we know that we have done everything in our power and at the same time we want to thank everyone who helped us spread the word about our existence and the project.

We were met in the hall by Omar Ismail and Leon Curk, hall technicians. Here a huge tribute to your cooperation, creativity, extraordinary kindness and one big positivity!

This time, the producer of the show, Albert Podrekar, tackled the techniques of lighting design, video projection and sound, and this evening after the premiere he finally entered the world of lighting, where he found his own way to support the story and dance of the dancers with light and graphics.

Soon the photographer of the evening joined us - our old acquaintance - we can call him "Katja Dance Company's house photographer" Boštjan Banfi. At our invitation, the photographer Drago Videmškek, a giant of dance photography, who we invited this time to watch the performance in peace, informed us that his companion would be a camera, so that we have a real treasure from this performance events of the evening.

Visitors started arriving slowly. Many of our friends decided to visit the performance and honor us with a visit, to support us and to see "what we did this time". When you see friends with whom we have already shared the stage, friends we have met during our eight years of activity, friends from school days, colleagues and new faces, we are so very relieved. Yes, they are here, and they confirm that they know about us and our work. And there were not a few of them!

Tadeja and Marko Polanšček, the main characters of the story and part of our "dream team", also arrived in the hall from Murska Sobota, as well as Renata Žohar with her team from the Let's Know Multiple Sclerosis association, and Mrs. Vlasta Nussdorfer, our honorary patron and host Aljoša Bagola. So we are all ready, final arrangements with the friendly hostesses, preparation of theater sheets and orange ribbons - a recognizable sign of multiple sclerosis.

The doors of the hall open, we turn on the music to enter the hall. Our tradition since the first performance. For "SOP".

And then it began, the welcome address to the visitors by the host Aljoša Bagol, and the address by Mrs. Vlasta Nussdorfer, former human rights ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia and advisor to the president of the country, and today an excellent writer, defender of good and honorary patron of all our shows, and a very personal message to Tadeja, the journalist , the writer and Tadeja's friend Alenka Kesar and thanks to all those present, the president of the Let's Know Multiple Sclerosis association Mrs. Renata Žohar.

And then the show, the story, the reality of Tadeja Polanšček and her family. Experiences, fears, but also victories, gratitude, awareness of life with all its aromas. Halfway through the show, one could already see the tears and tissues helped. The depth and emotionality of the story simply cannot be ignored. On the one hand, a unique story, on the other hand, experiences and questions that other patients and their families also ask themselves. Identifying with certain scenes and knowing that they are not alone. That they have people around them who care and who try to add some new dimension to their lives or just to remind them for a moment what good the disease has also brought them. Certainly awareness and learning about fellow human beings and a deeper awareness of what counts in life and what is just a "facade".

The performance ended same as in Murska Sobota. With standing ovations. Tribute to all of us and to you who organized a unique evening together. We are grateful for the fact that we can do this and that it all has a meaning, a form that has been born for a long time, and is now receiving recognition and praise. We are happy that the play touches the audience, just as Tadeja's life story touched us.

We ended the evening with a good drink in the hall of the Spanish fighters. It is so very nice to talk to the audience, make new friends, hug old dance friends, exchange feelings of what you have seen and simply have such a unique moment of beauty.

The performance is traveling next Saturday, June 8, to the Narodni dom in Celje. Visit the show one last time before the summer break. The coordinator of the evening will be the "bringer of happiness", Mrs. Mojca Krajnc.

Tickets are available via the Katja Dance Company website and at TIC Celje, Glavni trg 17, 3000 Celje, +386 (0)3 428 79 36, You will be able to buy them even an hour before the show in the hall.

The entire photo gallery of the evening at

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