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Mini tour of three stages

Last night we started our mini-tour of the children's dance fairy tale Think of us! We were hosted by the Ljubljana High School of Health and today we continue our journey, this time with a performance for children from socially weak families within the framework of the Red Cross, and tomorrow we end our journey in Žužemberk, where several hundred children are waiting for us.

At last night's performance of the fairy tale, we are filled with special feelings, especially since we are in the holiday season. The simplicity of a child's expectations, the simplicity of perceiving what is seen in the form of genuine yet unlearned emotions, the open heart joy at the antics of our little fairy-tale animals, the arrival of a good husband who brings gifts and personifies that good in people, and the company of a loving family that is warm in her heart while watching your child.

"I don't have time..." is probably the most used phrase these days. We hear it everywhere, at work, at home, among friends, but also on the street... What does it actually mean? Time is the only thing we have and we slowly lose it second by second, or exchange it for life's moments and experiences. When our time is up, it is at this moment that we have the most life experiences, adventures and moments that have shaped us and led us along our life path. And this is where the journey ends.

With this kind of thinking, it would be even more important to devote our time to moments that make us happy or when we make others happy and because of that we ourselves receive a nice experience. Of course, it is not possible to dispose of all time completely independently, but we still have the influence and judgment of weighing our decisions. We found ourselves dancing and among some fellow citizens who feel good about our adventures. Not only the dancers, but also the organizers, spectators and our supporters. And of course there are moments that may blur the view, but it is always important to find the strength and motivation to remember the basic goal of our creation and the decision to invest our time and goodwill in our mission, which is so important to us.

Last night's smiling faces, the satisfaction of the parents and their dancing and following the rhythms with their feet, the excitement of such a special event, the hugs of the dancers and the awareness that we made a small moment in life more beautiful for many people, warms our hearts and gives us special motivation for today's meeting with almost a hundred children , who had somewhat difficult circumstances at the beginning of their young lives. But nothing happens, people will definitely grow among them, who will understand the special and importance of small life moments and will avoid saying "I don't have time...".

You have it and dedicate it to what makes you and your loved ones happy. "It's all a matter of priorities," our producer would say...

Many thanks to the Secondary School of Health and the principal, Silva Kastelic!

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