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Jesenice - we love you!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Yes, we really love you, because this is the third time we have met in the last year, and you again gave us your time, good will and immense joy when you visited our children's dance fairy tale Think of us en masse on Sunday! With the performance, we also had the great honor of opening the children's matinee of the Tone Čufarja theater in Jesenice.

Jesenice welcomed us in the sunny morning and with a big smile Klemen Košir - the technician of the theater, who spent the morning with us. The preparations went by quickly, we exchanged information about the show and its purpose with the announcer Gašper, the hostesses took their positions and the box office was besieged en masse.

When the doors of the theater opened, the children and their parents quickly looked for the best seats in the first rows and the hall began to fill up.

The performance passed with laughter, noisy monitoring of what was happening on the stage, and ended with a mass photo shoot with the performing animals, who gave the children a message on their way that animals are afraid of bursting firecrackers and that they should find another way to celebrate and have fun. And again from the performance we will buy food for the little abandoned animals living in the Ljubljana Shelter and the circle will be closed.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who supports us, who follows us and who comes to our shows.

Katja Dance Company dance team is traveling to the Arnold Tovornik Theter of Culture next Saturday with the show The Book, where we will also be performing for the third time and we hope to impress the audience with our portrayal of ten books.

We wish you a nice week,

Your KDC team

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