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Even the last dance fairy tale is "under the roof"

Vrhnika, the hall of the dance school Prostyle of our long-time dancer Petr Capudra, hosted this year's last performance of the dance fairy tale Think about us. The venue offered a very special experience, almost a kind of performance in the "living room", which meant a unique closeness, especially for the children and dancers (Katja Vidmar, Špela Dolinar, Sara Bračun Duhovnik and Peter Capuder).

We are happy that we performed the fairy tale 10 times this year, thereby broadening our view of the use of pyrotechnics at this time and its impact on the small animals with whom we share this space. Coexistence and respect is the supreme guideline for the functioning of the community. This is especially true for the communities of interest that we have created with like-minded people. So if you also feel that you would like to dance and. with dance, maybe you can contribute a stone to coexistence, mutual help and thereby also enable yourself to have some new adventures - call us! Today, we already received a call from Pia, who decided to devote her time to our mission, and we are happy to cooperate.

Take care of yourself, attend cultural events, support people in your environment, even if they seem to be "more expensive" at times, no one will get rich or poor from this! The feeling of mutual mutual support is the greatest gift when you find yourself in a time and environment that is not favorable to you.

The entire Katja Dance Company team welcomes you

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