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Belgija, here we come ...

The day of departure is approaching. On Wednesday, November 29, our dance team from the children's dance fairy tale, Think about us, is going on tour to Belgium for the first time on November 30 and December 1.

This is a big deal for us. After guest appearances in Croatia, Italy and Austria, we are heading to Belgium, which is so dear to us. Katja Vidmar, the choreographer and dancer, and the producer of this dancing fairy tale are somehow connected by this country, because for part of their lives it hosted them both professionally and provided them with a home.

Katja Dance Company is slowly moving into its eighth year. In October 2016, the idea of producing the dance performance Life is a Value was born. And we are extremely proud that we performed it the 40th time a month ago. Thats also how we had our first guest appearance abroad - we danced in the Lisinski Hall in Zagreb.

The van is already standing outside in front of our studio, we will slowly load the scene, costumes,... We are happy. And eager for the adventure that awaits us. We are going on a magical journey where we will meet Santa Claus and Slovenian children living in Belgium. In addition to Santa Claus, we will be welcomed by the "magical fairies" Lea, Helena, Eva, Renata and the "elve" Primož, who did their best and will help make these moments even more magical.

Such events are something special. Our invested time and positive energy will be rewarded with the special honor of being able to tell the story in our own way through dance. And so we are grateful to be a part of something that will stay with us forever. It is something very special to present your artistic product to people, and to have the opportunity to show it to Slovenian children far from Slovenia, the Slovenian language and dance theater art, is truly unique.

We would like to thank all the supporters who came to meet us and made the entire event possible.

Thank you also to the Office of the Government for Slovenians Abroad and Worldwide for your help!

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