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Love is expressed also through dance. Let your wedding dance be something special - something that reflects you, your favorite tunes and connection, and at the same time, let it be a surprise that will impress your wedding guests. Together we will create your wedding dance choreography, which will always remain in your memory...

​We speak and teach in English

When: by appointment
The choreography is composed by Katja Vidmar, choreographer, dancer, author of performances and founder of Katja Dance Company

(in agreement with the wishes of the couple)

Where: Katja Dance Company, Letališka cesta 27, Ljubljana (oposite to MOL petrol station). Entrance from the back of the building. 


Our air-conditioned dance studio is equipped with a ballet marley floor, ballet poles, a social area, a large wardrobe, showers and top-quality sound systems. It is located near the BTC shopping center and only 500 meters from the ring road. In front of the studio there are free parking spaces and a bus stop for lines 7L and 27.​

Information: or by phone 041 649 599.



"Dear Katja! Thank you for giving us the best wedding gift - a unique wedding dance! With you, the preparations for the wedding dance were like a fairy tale in which we were the main characters. You are an excellent choreographer who easily recognized our style and dancing skills and connected all of this into a wonderful story that reflected us and our love. You came to every rehearsal ready, positive, smiling and creative. The dance lessons were our therapy during the chaotic time of organizing the wedding. There we could disconnect from everyday life for an hour or two you took care and devoted yourself to music and dance, because we trusted you completely. Even though you had many other challenges yourself, you always found time for us. Every hour you devoted yourself to our story, which led to the most beautiful moment of our lives together! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.We recommend all future newlyweds to embark on this unique, unforgettable, wedding adventure with Katja Vidmar, who will delight you with her incredible sense, adaptability and
professionalism definitely led to the desired goal."



"Dear Katja,

First of all, I would like to thank you and Albert for such a wonderful relationship and cooperation. Above all, thank you for being who you are. So dedicated and attentive, thank you for always taking our wishes into account, following us individually step by step until our dance. Thank you also for being patient when we got a little lost and thank you every time you praised us. When all this is behind us, we will miss you, but you are a really excellent teacher, precise and attentive, and a wonderful and warm person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."



"Usually, we say thank you only once live, but now that a few days have passed since our wedding day and we have collected all our thoughts, we can't help but write a thank you in the comment as well.
Many thanks to you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! To both of us, but especially to Katja, who made our day even more dreamy by dancing. If only you knew how many nice compliments we received for dancing. Unbelievable, it was a dream!
However, we are grateful not only for the dream dance, but for meeting two wonderful, humble souls who live for dance. Always smiling, adaptable, warm-hearted people with good nerves even for us amateurs! We are grateful for what they have given us in such a short time. For all the learned steps, love for dancing and above all for the self-confidence that we now show on all the dance floors. Namely, one of us (let's keep it a secret) used to prefer to be everywhere else than on the dance floor. Guess who is the main initiator of the dance now.
Mainly, to collapse, because we've been here for too long. Thank you once again for everything, for all the effort, time invested and all the heart. We couldn't have asked for a better dance teacher and we are so happy that we came across you. I'm only sorry that we didn't meet you earlier.
Thank you!"



"From the idea, to do something different, to the execution, for us laymen it was perfect. Thank you Katja, without your choreography according to our wishes, without your energy at dance rehearsals, encouragement and infusion of positive energy, our wedding dance would not have been so wonderful and unforgettable, as he was!"



"We are really happy that we chose Katja as our wedding dance teacher. Despite the fact that these were our first dance lessons together, she made us feel relaxed and at home. According to our wishes, she composed two wonderful choreographies for us, which we honed them and trained them to perfection so that we could shine on our wedding night. Katja, thank you and see you at the salsa class."

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