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Sometimes it happens that the day is particularly beautiful - when you unexpectedly receive a message from people who want to help in their own way and surprise you - last week we received a message from Asmir, who wrote that he and his wife Elvira wanted to give us one euro each for each kilometer traveled in the previous year; and many of these kilometers have been accumulated, as Asmir runs marathons. This means that in addition to running for himself, for his health and soul, he and his wife want to do something more - they supported our operation with their contribution and recognized our mission in the play Life is a value, for which we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts. Things like this don't happen every day and it's really nice when people connect with each other, look for ways to help others and be grateful for what we have.

Sincere thanks, dear Nuhanović family! For the second year in a row!

There is simply a lot of everything in life - friends, family and the world, which can bring us new things and challenges every day. Personally, I am so extremely grateful and blessed to be able to experience all of this, to have such great support, to be so infinitely lucky, to be able to live, or to live our dreams together, to set goals that we overcome together and that only bind us even stronger, they erase borders and lead us on new paths, to new knowledge, new places, new friendships and feelings.
Through recreation, running, and recently swimming and cycling, I saw the world in a new light, found forgotten corners, saw meaning and that spark that directs us and shows us the right path when we think we've gone astray and there's no turning back.
The highlight of last year was definitely the Dubai Marathon, a highlight in terms of what my wife prepared for me, realized together with my colleagues and surprised me a lot. It was a gift for the 40th birthday, which was supposed to be celebrated in September 2018 by just the two of us, with a romantic dinner for two, and there was a surprise dinner and the whole gang gathered - they were even from Sarajevo, OnLine. It was an evening of surprises, an evening of memories of the first 40 years of childhood, childhood in the form of pictures and videos, and the "icing on the cake" was the entry fee, a trip to Dubai, for the Dubai Marathon in January 2019.
This was followed by running events - always with colleagues, friends, acquaintances, family and people who are a part of my life that I simply cannot imagine without them. The kilometers accumulated like this and the decision was that as a thank you for having all this, that we can live to the fullest, share steps, stand shoulder to shoulder, support each other, fight for common goals and never we don't look or think only to ourselves, to make something more out of it. An individual's "victory" is thus everyone's victory, if it is someone's first 10, first half-marathon or first marathon, it is our first for all of us and we are with him or her, we are a support, help and entertainment, we are conscience and encouragement , we are pain and at the same time happiness, we are those "do I need this?", we are everything that bypasses you during the event and everything that "surrounds" you for the finish line, we are that joy in the finish arena, the unforgettable ones a moment and that achievement that remains in the memory and that you always remember, wear, appreciate and respect.
So the challenge was "waiting" for me, a challenge planned by my wife, as a precaution she sent me to #Diagonalo335 (cycling 335 km, diagonal through Slovenia, from Kuzma to Portorož, start at 0:00 and finish in the afternoon, with a jump into the sea). She simply said: "What awaits you is not to be taken lightly, first try this test, get to know the bike, and then win IRONMAN 70.3 in the fall, we will stand by your side and wait for you at the finish line". The fact that those who support me every day were indeed at the finish line was one thing, but who else did they manage to bring and surprise me, and that was what outweighed the efforts, chased away all the doubts, all the pain, all the "nonsense" that was boiling in my head. When I got in the water and put on my bike gear after the swim part and cycled and then tackled the running track, I didn't think about anything else but the course and the tasks. It was my first challenge and I will never forget it... and they stood there and proudly waited for me, put on a medal and all the other "props" and filled my soul and made me immensely happy.
It was also the reason and moment when I remembered you, when I remembered what you do, what kind of stories you write, who your "heroes" are and what their stories are. I realized that they are real fighters, fighters who can overcome all these water, road and life "obstacles", who also have families, friends and acquaintances and you - the creators of Katja Dance Company, who stand by their side, cheer them on and rejoice with them. In their honor, and in our wife and child's great pride, that we can at least be a part of this story...something small for the little heroes...

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