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Exercising for well-being helps us start the week easier, energizes us, gets our heart pumping and trains our muscles to be active, while stretching and strengthening exercises shape our body to be firm and ready for everyday endeavors.
Exercise is suitable for both genders and different ages!
We recommend it both to beginners who want to start regular exercise in a pleasant way and to develop a relationship with their body, as well as to athletes who want to prepare their body holistically and thereby avoid injuries. And all this with a lot of positive mind and, above all, persistence.

During the exercises, the first half will be devoted to cardio, endurance exercises and training of individual muscle groups, while the second half will be devoted to stretching, flexibility, strengthening and relaxation. In the meantime, we will set ourselves another fun challenge and encourage each other while hanging out.

When: mondays - 18:00 (60 min)

Where: Katja Dance Company, Letališka cesta 27, Ljubljana (oposite to MOL petrol station). Entrance from the back of the building. 


Our air-conditioned dance studio is equipped with a ballet marley floor, ballet poles, a social area, a large wardrobe, showers and top-quality sound systems. It is located near the BTC shopping center and only 500 meters from the ring road. In front of the studio there are free parking spaces and a bus stop for lines 7L and 27.​

Note: The program will be held upon sufficient number of dancers.

Information: or by phone 041 649 599.

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