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We visited the dance show of Nadav Zelner

Rijeka, 23rd April 2024

On April 23, we were at the Croatian National Theater in Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka to see choreographer Nadav Zelner's dance spectacle GRAND FINALE: The Turtle and the Phone Booth and you should trust us that we were impressed. We heartily recommend this one-off show to lovers of modern dance with glimpses of the classics, a mixture of contrasts to the music of Metallica, Deep Purple, Ennio Morricone, Steve Vai, Sepulture... A big tribute to all the creators and thanks also to the dancers of the show, Valentin Cho and Maria Matarranz de las Heras for the conversation that gave us a deeper insight into the creation of this dance masterpiece. Thanks to HKN Rijeka for hosting this evening, probably the only theater where the finale of the show opens up to a view of the sea! If you have the chance, this is one of those performances that has the label "must see".

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