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We hosted an excellent prima ballerina!

Sunday passed in the sign of top dancing. Finally, we got to visit the prima ballerina of the Rijeka ballet company, María Matarranz de las Heras.

A smiling, good-natured and, above all, friendly prima ballerina, who devoted most of her life to the highest form of art - ballet. After a short introduction and preparation, we soon opened the doors of the studio and welcomed dancers eager for new knowledge and experience. We were delighted with the response and even though the fewer struck among some entrants prevented them to join, today was really something special. New friendships were formed and the desire to jointly conquer new dance skills intertwined four hours of socializing.

Some of you already knew us, some of you visited us for the first time and we were very happy with your expressed satisfaction. Special thanks also to "our" dancers, who supported this kind of dance education with your visit.

The ballet class started with barre exercises, which impressed us also because these were different. Maria is an excellent teacher and she also corrected us and pointed out our mistakes. Her passion for ballet can be seen in every movement, and she also shows with her facial expressions that she really enjoys dancing, even though the ballet exercises are difficult, and she wanted to convey this feeling to us as well. We continued in the centre, where she repeatedly told us to dance even though it these were rehearsals, and as we watched her, everything looked so light and soft. She also has a great sense of including everyone, each dancer was important to her and she dedicated herself to them when explaining and showing the exercises.

Many participants signed up for both classes. And after a half-hour break, a class of contemporary dance followed, during which she first led us into a warm-up, where we performed the tasks she gave us while walking and clapping her hands, increasing the tempo. This was followed by sets on the floor, passing from left to right. At the end, she taught us choreography, which she combined with the elements we practiced on the floor. Visibly tired, but excited, we thanked her with applause for both excellent classes.

All participants received a certificate of participation.

The day passed extremely quickly and we slowly had to say goodbye to Maria. An extraordinary person and an excellent pedagogue who dedicated herself to the transfer of dance movements into a harmonious wave, which was crowned with a real choreography.

At this point, we would also like to thank everyone who shared the news about the workshop. We will soon announce a new guest class, and Marija and I were so excited about today that we will soon announce a new workshop, to which we cordially invite you. If you allow us to inform you about what happenings in our studio, we invite you to sign up for our notifications here.

Highlights of this dance Sunday:

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