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Katja Vidmar. Why me is Tadeja's story and her performance. We will do our best to dance it to the audience!

Barbra Drnač, Ljubljana - Parada plesa 23.5.2024

On Saturday, May 25 at 8:00 p.m., another performance by Katja Dance Company will premiere in the hall of the Park Theater in Murska Sobota. Tadeja Polanšček, who was the inspiration of choreographer Katja Vidmar, will also be on stage.

Dear Katja, the days before the premiere are always stressful, exciting and special. How do you experience them, how do you deal with the nervousness before the premiere?

It's true, the last days are both stressful, but also beautiful, because we realize that now, finally, the day will soon come when we will premiere our play Why Me and we are all still on the phones, in the hall, arranging the last details, we are training and coordinating the projection, but since we are diligent, everything will be as it should be by Saturday. I myself always try not to get nervous and push it away with dancing and timely preparations. It's hard because we have to balance all of our schedules with all of our other commitments.

Is everything going as planned?

The planning is always done by Albert (Podrekar op.u.), he has everything under control and is really a master of timing – when something needs to be done, he never leaves anything to chance, he plans everything, so that I can dance and train with Sara in peace (Brčvak op.u.) and Petrom (Capudrom op.u.). A new show is always a challenge, because it has never been on stage before and we are thinking about how everything will be interwoven, but if we have already "put" on stage five full-length plays and six dance fairy tales, then this one will also "dance" ' to the viewers. We are all very much looking forward to it.

How excited is the main actress, to whom you dedicated the performance of Tadeja Polanšček? What, if anything, 'worries' her most?

Tadeja is excited, on the one hand she can't wait for Saturday's premiere, but on the other hand she understands that everything is a big responsibility of all of us who participate together, because we advertised this event on all channels and we want full halls and a successful performance of the show, because our aim is to collect as many funds as possible for the Let's Know Multiple Sclerosis Society. She and her husband Marko are really wonderful, they help from the beginning, give ideas, inform people, they also invited local companies that will provide a really wonderful reception after the premiere in Murska Sobota, in short, they are indispensable in the preparations. I believe that Tadeja is also excited because this is her story and it is primarily her performance, and we dancers will do our best to perform it as convincingly as possible.

I notice that nowadays more and more artists are taking up different ways to raise awareness and draw attention to people who are different in some way. You enable them to become visible. With you, this note has been present from the very beginning, isn't it?

Yes, to me or to us - the whole team - such people are very important, just today I chatted with Martina Smodiš, an extremely successful para dancer, and I'm glad that we do this because we are proud to always represent people who inspire us and that's why I think it's right to show them that they are an important part of our society. Indeed, we have already cooperated with quite a few organizations and institutions (Heroes of the 3rd Floor, Little Vitez Foundation, Vid Society, Association of Friends of Moste-Polje Youth, and the Ljubljana Shelter...). This makes me happy in life and I know that my life is fuller, truer and more honest because of it.

As I can see, the repetitions of the show line up nicely. After Murska Sobota, it's Ljubljana and quite a few places in Slovenia. We always like to see you. How does that caress your soul?

This is the first time that, thanks to the participation of those who are in the Let's Know Multiple Sclerosis association and have asked for the possibility of performing the play in their places, there are so many repetitions even before the premiere that we are surprised and excited, but at the same time we are aware that this a big deal for us too. Now we have three in a row, after Murska Sobota and Ljubljana there is also Celje, in the fall there are already four announced (Ormož, Škocjan, Dol pri Ljubljani and Grosuplje) and we are still negotiating, so I am a little afraid where we will 'squeeze' more dance fairy tales, which are also in great demand. I am grateful that we will be able to dance the show several times, because I know that we will be able to do a lot of good with the proceeds from the sold tickets from the performances. Thank you and all the best. See you in Murska Sobota. Thanks also to the Dance Parade and to you, dear Barbra, for spreading the word about us and our performances.

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