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Enthusiasm in the Izola Cultural Center

On Saturday, November 25, we went to the coast again. The Izola Cultural Center is one of the Slovenian temples of culture, which is a special place for our hedgehog (Katarina Gregorič). It was here that she first saw the performance Life is a Value, with which the dancers of Katja Dance Company performed for the first time in Izola. The performance impressed her so much that she contacted us and then joined the dance team of dance performances and fairy tales. And so it had its premiere on stage in Izola, when we staged the play Life is a Value again.

Last night, our audience was children and their parents, and for the twenty-seventh time the heroes of the dance fairy tale Hug the Tree took to the stage to conjure up stories and mishaps of forest animals.

The response of the audience was incredible, as they visited the show in large numbers and asked us when we would return to Izola again. After the conclusion, of course, the children rushed to the heroes and hugged and took pictures with them, so that it will also remain a wonderful memory.

We would like to thank the entire team of the cultural center who was with us this evening, as well as all the organizers who made it possible for us to visit Izola again, where we always like to return. Maybe soon with our new dance fairy tale Think about us or the show The Book. We'll see what time will bring. So follow us and stay with us.

Thank you, Izola, for a nice welcome and a wonderful afternoon in Izola.

Your Katja Dance Company team

And a few glimpses of the performance (photo by Albert Podrekar):

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