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In 2008, our founder Katja Vidmar choreographed and danced in the full-length play "Woman" under the honorary patronage of Mrs. Vlasta Nussdorfer - the then human rights ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia.
With the awareness that there are also less fortunate women among us, all funds collected from the sale of tickets were allocated to "safe houses", i.e. women who had to find a safe haven due to domestic violence.
The performance represents the first foundations of the emerging dance group and includes such a recognizable combination of narrative dance and storytelling through video and spoken text.
"I want to tell women that they are worthy of respect, that their lives have meaning, they just need to find strength within themselves. Any violence in any form is unacceptable."​

In the dance performance Woman (it lasted 55 minutes) from 2008, jazz modern fusion intertwines, eight dancers danced in it, audio-visual effects and storytelling were included, it went through eight repetitions.

"The performance "WOMAN" is the fruit of my personal long-term interweaving of movements and emotions, everything that the wind of life brought and carried away. It speaks of me and of a woman, of all of us who are constantly searching for ourselves - ourselves, our paths. A painting about her joy and disappointment, happiness and sadness, longing and violence... through six stages (birth - childhood - youth - love - motherhood - maturity - transience)."
Katja Vidmar

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