Reportaža nastopa v Lendavi v madžarskem dnevniku Nepujsag

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Megjelent: 2018. november 21. Írta: Bence Lajos

Az élet érték – Lendván is! - The value of life - Lendava too!

This was the motto of a charity multimedia dance production to help young people recovering from cancer, sponsored by the Municipality of Lendava and under the auspices of Commissioner for Human Rights Vlasta Nussdorfer, on Saturday night at the Lance Company Theater and Concert Hall in Ljubljana.

At the event, Mayor Anton Balažek thanked the production for the people of Lendava as well. Human Rights Commissioner Vlasta Nussdorfer stressed that those recovering from childhood cancer, the little heroes called Little Knights, should now be called Big Knights for their perseverance and their militant resistance to cancer. Nevertheless, unfortunately, we still do not pay enough attention to children with cancer, who, thanks to rapid intervention, are now 80 percent recovering from their disease.

The screening-film-dance production is the work of Katja Vidmar, whose name is also associated with the creation of choreographies, screenwriting, selection of lyrics and selection of music. The lecture builds on the experience of a dedicated oncologist who himself was forced to face a terminal illness. - Those who were guarded, protected and forced to identify with their problems were suddenly moved to the “other side” and unable to help themselves. The performance is about self-struggle, pain, and the realization that a fight can end in defeat. The