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Zoran Norčič - his portrait of Tadeja Polanšček portrays the dance story Zakaj jaz

Zoran Norčič is a photographer from Prekmurje, whom we met in 2017 at the Murska Sobota performance of the play Life is a Value, where our collaboration with Tadeja Polanšček began, now the central heroine of the new dance performance Why Me, which will premiere this Saturday, May 25. in the Park theater in Murska Sobota.

His portrait, which depicts Tadeja and her relationship with multiple sclerosis, became the central and most recognizable graphic element of the Why Me show.

We are so happy that Zoran agreed to this conversation, which we are sharing with you.

Hello Zoran - among Zoki's friends. You are a photographer and friend of Tadeja Polanšček, whose life is presented through the aspect of multiple sclerosis in the theatrical dance performance Why Jaz. Your photograph of Tadeja has become a trademark of this show. Tell us how these photos came about. What did you have in mind when you created these photos that portray Tadeja so well?

It happened when two creative souls meet and create a visual project through photographs. My creative path led me to present her disease through body painting as well as her personality and her struggle with a cruel disease and her strength to cope with it.

How would you introduce yourself to those who don't know you?

I am Zoran Norčič, a photographer who is always looking for new challenges, by photographing weddings, events... There is never a dull moment when photographing with me.

When did you start photography, what was your learning and creative path and where are you traveling in terms of photography? Have you had any exhibitions, are you a member of any photo club?

It took me into the photographic waters since high school, 15 years ago I started this creative path that I know now. I already had a couple of exhibitions, independently as well as in connection with three others, better known as the 4 elements exhibition. I am not a member of any photo club. I'm currently focusing more on wedding and portrait photography.

How would you describe your style? Which types of photography are particularly close to you? Why do you take photos and what do you want to communicate with it? What do you consider to be the biggest success so far in your photographic journey?

My style is more dark or dark, but I am flexible to the client's wishes. Of course, it depends on what kind of photography it is. The type of photography that is most dear to my heart is portrait and wedding photography, because that's where creativity can come to the fore. I photograph because it makes me extremely happy and I do it with my heart and soul to capture the right moment. The greatest success is the satisfaction of my customers.

Do you have any role models, what attracts you to them?

Sebastião Salgado is the role model or photographer that is closest to my heart. His very way of photographing and this black and white technique of his.

You remain loyal to Prekmurje. how come you didn't drift off somewhere else, maybe even abroad?

For now, I remain loyal to Prekmurje, although I go for photography all over Slovenia and also abroad. There is, of course, the possibility that he will take me abroad.

How did the collaboration with Katja and Albert from Katja Dance Company come about?

We started our cooperation with Katja Dance Company with the first performance, where Tadeja also performed, and that's how our cooperation continued. I am happy to photograph the dance of Katje Dance Company, because the dance itself is full of symbolism and that is how the photos come to life.

Where can those interested in your works find you?

Anyone interested can find me at or Zoran Norčič's FB page

You will also photograph the premiere of the play in Murska Sobota on May 25. What feelings fill you with this?

As a photographer, I am happy because I know that it will be a wonderful performance again and full of captured subjects, but as a friend of Tadeja, I would rather see that she is healthy and that we have a "different" photo shoot.

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