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The premiere of Why Me is behind us! Magical, unique, sensual...

When an idea for a new dance show comes up, I get a little excitement first, which then grows until it's time to premiere it in the theater. This time was no different.

The words that Tadeja Polanšček wrote about her illness - multiple sclerosis - and gave me to read, did not give me peace, and I first told her that it would make a really interesting book, but then, when she continued with writing, suggested that we could create a play together. Tadeja was right behind.

And so it began - she wrote, and I danced and composed choreographies. With Sara Brčvak and Peter Capudra, we rehearsed for months and months, sharpened, changed, added, helped each other with Tadeja's text - her story about the fight with this disease, and Albert Podrekar started working his "magic" - projection and making arrangements with theaters and Renato Žohar, president of the Let's Know Multiple Sclerosis association, as we have decided to donate the collected funds from the proceeds from the tickets sold to this association.

On Saturday, 25/05/2024, this magical evening finally unfolded, when we performed the premiere performance Why Me, which tells about Tadeja's life story and struggle with multiple sclerosis, in the Park Theater in Murska Saturday. Our excitement was indescribable, and already in the morning we all couldn't wait for the evening to come and the hall to start filling up with spectators.

And it did, not only was it filling up, it was filled to the last seat - the sold-out premiere performance in the Park Theater in Murska Sobota was a surprise for us and a great tribute from the people who showed us this support as viewers, that they took time, come to see and support our project.

The hours of training and preparation are thus paid off and the dancers of Katja Dance Company are immensely grateful when this magical moment happens, that the hall is full and we know that with our performance we will help a vulnerable group - this time patients with multiple sclerosis.

At the beginning, the excellent coordinator Aljoša Bagol created a relaxed atmosphere with his humor, the audience was addressed by the deputy mayor of Murska Sobota, Mr. Jure Lang, Barbra Drnač - Dance Parade, our media patron, also spoke about Tadeja. Barbara Toplak, an extremely important member of Alma Mater Europea, Renata Žohar, president of the association, spoke about the activities of the Let's Know Multiple Sclerosis association.

While I was dancing, out of the corner of my eye I saw individual faces, handkerchiefs and heard sighs... I knew that the story was very emotional and would appeal to the audience, but I did not know that it would touch them so much.

At the end, a standing ovation that went on and on and Tadeja with us, the dancers, on stage and with the enthusiastic spectators in the hall.

This is the greatest gift we can give each other - our time, our respect, our energy.

After the show, we hung out in the lobby of the Park theater, where we were treated to products from the following companies: Kodila Gurme, Mlinopek, Kiss of Immortality, Gjergjek, Radgonske Gorice.

The event will remain in the fondest memories of everyone - Tadeja, us creators, Renata, the audience... it was a special, unrepeatable evening and the people of Prekmur proved that they are PEOPLE with a capital letter.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Now we can't wait for Friday, 31 May, when we will dance the show in Ljubljana, at the Španski borci theater at 8 p.m. You are welcome!

And also the gallery of the evening by photographer Zoran Norčič:

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