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PROMOTION!!! KDC FLEX Card -10% during the promotional period with the code KDCFLEXDANCE2023

Yes, we also participate in activities such as i. "Black Friday"! Not that we don't appreciate our offer of dance classes and production of dance performances, but to get your attention and to convince you to try to spend a dance year with us!

Thus, for this year's novelty - KDC FLEX Card, we will give you a 10% discount in the period between November 24 and December 31, 2023 using the code "KDCFLEXDANCE2023".

A truly special offer of flexible attendance at dance classes

The price of the card is EUR 100 (during the promotion period a special -10% discount), which amounts to EUR 10 (during the promotion period EUR 9) per workout, regardless of whether the workout lasts 60 or 90 minutes.

Don't have time for regular weekly visits? Would you like to go to more different workouts? Would you like to go exercise when time allows? Would you like to give someone an original and truly useful Christmas gift?

Classes which are included in the KDC FLEX Card visit option are marked as active classes with a sign * in our current price list, which is published in our studio and on our website. The following classes are currently being formed:

  • Monday at 18:00 - Endurance training*

  • Tuesday at 17:30 - Jazz Fusion for adults*

  • Tuesday at 19:00 - Solo salsa and bachata for women*

  • Wednesday at 18:00 - Female dance classes*

  • Sunday at 18:00 - Ballet for students and adults - beginner*

The KDC FLEX card can be purchased from our trainers in our studio, you can order it by email: or phone 041 649 599, or simply buy it in our online store.

Katja Dance Company logo

Don't delay, the dance season has already started and the KDC team looks forward to your visit to spend this dance year with us.

Katja Dance Company dancer BW

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