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Maria Matarranz nominated in the Dance Parade vote

María Matarranz de las Heras visited our studio in March and held two ballet and modern dance workshops.

Petite, cute, but with incredible energy and enormous knowledge and experience. We are extremely proud and happy that we were able to host her and build friendships.

Barbra Drnač also recognized this energy and nominated Maria in the Dance Parade to vote for the most Soven dance creator. We can announce to you that the interview with Maria can be seen on the TV show Parade of Dance on May 5 in a contribution with our Katja Vidmar, who will speak about what we are doing at KDC and what is still ahead of us. You are invited to view and vote. Stay tuned as we look for opportunities to host Mario again.

"Maria Matarranz took the time to travel from Reka and share her ballet and contemporary dance knowledge at the premises of Katja Dance Company and impress with her elegance; as befits a renowned ballet soloist of the Rijeka Ballet."

Vote on Parada plesa:

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