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After the 40th performance of the show Life is a Value, we received

Dear Katja,

As a new colleague in the collective of the Ljubljana High School of Health, I was very honored to be assigned as an accompanist for the students who had to see the dance performance Life is a Value.

The day before the show, I admit that I briefly read about the dance performance, but I had no idea what I actually experienced.

A dance performance danced with soul, heart and body, more than praise for author Katja Vidmar and her team.

It's true that I'm a very emotional person and that I'm not ashamed to hide my tears, and even during this performance, I can say that I shed tears of their own accord. My journey, both professionally and personally, has repeatedly encountered one or the other story about loss, about illness, about the loss of someone who means a lot to you... Nowadays, I think that there is still not enough talk about the incurable disease - cancer itself, about transience, something that is difficult to talk about with anyone... about death, about moments of despair and sadness...

In this one and a half hour performance, all this was presented, a single life, a single circle that most of us go through...

The play is shown in a very emotional way, if you only allow yourself to show your emotions, your feelings about what you have or will surely encounter in life... today, we can say, the illness of a loved one is inevitable... death is inevitable...

We don't allow ourselves to suppress our emotions and we allow ourselves to cry when we need emotional, just be human and appreciate life.

Let's also educate and teach those (students who are currently unaware of this or are ashamed to show their vulnerability in front of their peers) that Life is a value...

Katja, thank you for such a show and continued success

Best regards and have a nice evening

Irena Grilj

Would you also like to see or organize the performance? Call us on +386 41 649 599 or write to

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