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A big thank you Selnica ob Dravi!

Selnica, 14th October 2023

Performing arts is a pretty exhausting thing. Above all, we mean working conditions and then the risks of organizing events and performances. We know that it is sometimes difficult for people to leave their homes and go to the theater, so we are all the more happy for those who do.

We always ponder why in some theaters the attendance is exceptional and the hall is full, while in some they try so hard to attract people to the theaters, but it doesn't work. They put in a lot of effort in Selnica ob Drava - promotional activities in a one-time collaboration with the Arnold Tovornik Culture Temple and the Žvegler family were quite extensive, with posters, online promotion, cooperation with newspaper companies and other information and communication with the local community. And even though there weren't as many spectators as we all wanted, we are proud to have danced the eighth performance of the BOOK.

It is especially worth noting that after the performance, the dancers said that they danced the performance especially emotionally for themselves and all those who found their way to the temple of culture. When a dancer steps on stage after long preparation and excitement, no matter how full the hall is, she has to switch in her head and dance. And it was here last night that our dancers showed that they are top artists, people with a big heart and respect for the team, everyone present and for dance art in general.

We inform everyone that we work with our hearts and because we keep having the "big picture" in front of us, which has written so many beautiful stories, connected so many people, made new friendships and allocated over 50,000 EUR to help those in need, and given space and way to topics about otherwise, individuals and groups would not have this kind of opportunity.

We especially want to thank the exceptional support team of the Arnold Tovornik Temple of Culture, who did their work in a friendly and professional manner, all the spectators who gave us your attention and applause, the mayor Dr. Vlasta Krmelj, who greeted us, and once again to the Žvegler family, our unwavering supporters, friends and kindred spirits with whom we have been connected for the last 7 years.

A new opportunity to see the play Knjiga will be on November 11 at Kulturne dom Krško. Welcome!

Galery 1 - by Albert Podrekar