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3rd charity concert of the Heroes of the 3rd floor association in the Great Hall in Thermana Laško

Exactly three years ago, just before the second COVID wave, we have organized an artistic charity evening with good people in cooperation with the Hotel Asteria from Ljubljana and the incredible Maja Založnik to help the little big heroes of the 3rd Floor Heroes Society (Society of Parents of Children Treated in the Hemato-Oncology Department). This evening also marked the beginning of our long-term collaboration with these Heroes, as all performances of the dancing children's fairy tale Hug the Tree were intended for donations to this association. There were 26 of them, and we will also perform in Izola and Žužemberek. And so this Saturday, September 30, at the invitation of the association, we will once again participate with our dancing act at the 3rd charity concert of the association Heroes of the 3rd Floor in the Great Hall in Thermana Laško among as many as 15 performing acts. There will be no tickets. You are all welcome!

And some more memories of this unique evening three years ago - photos by Boštjan Banfi:

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