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Žužemberk - thank you very much

It's Friday, the weekend. The day that many look forward to the most. But for us, this day is something very special. At an early hour, we went to the last stop of our three-day mini-tour with the children's dance fairy tale Think about Us! - to Žužemberk, more precisely to their primary school. The traffic was kind to us and teacher Lili was already waiting for us at the door with a big smile, to whom we must especially thank for organizing the performance.

We are now a well-coordinated team and everyone knows how to prepare for a performance. Slowly, the school's sports hall began to fill up. Children accompanied by educators, teachers, the school principal, even the mayor came.

And we started! The children enthusiastically clapped and waved to the sounds and dance of our animals, which warmed the floor of the hall. Music filled the space and the hearts of the little ones, and they visibly "fell into the show". They say there were over 200 of them! Even the cooks peeked from behind the curtain :)

It went by quickly. Too fast! Even the mayor admitted that he got into this moment of carefreeness, the art of music, movement and the message of the show. And he had a great time!

And of course us too. We really enjoy when we can hang out with each other at such unusual hours and places and put smiles on children's faces by doing what we love to do so much.

And today, in the hallway, there are already packages of aid for the Ljubljana Shelter, to which we are dedicating our help during the performances. As many as three packages of food for stuffy small animals. We hope they come in handy!

So, the end of the year is slowly approaching. Two more stagings of our plays await us. Take care of yourself and your fellow human beings, even the little creatures, before you use pyrotechnics. Rather come to our performance or give us your donation, which will be carefully used for our future operation of Katja Dance Company.

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